Headbands – A Customer Project

I find knitting so very relaxing, especially when reading or watching TV. Yes, I admit, it is hard for me to sit still and just stare at the television…. Knitting has become a great way to be productive while chilling on the couch.

Just like I stay sane while running on the treadmill by watching (or listening to) movies or iTunes U lectures. This January seems to be one of the coldest in Alaska for years Рthe official stats will be revealed soon, and we will know for sure. However, it has felt pretty darn cold! So cold that I have logged 20-30 miles on the treadmill on weekly basis this month.  And it is a lot for someone who seriously dislikes long-distance treadmill training. But running in -20F weather is way too freezing even for an outdoorsy chick like me.

However, back to knitting. So thanks to encouragement on one of my knitting posts , I decided to do some customer projects. And here is my first custom-ordered headband ever…. delivered it to the client on Friday. She will also receive a matching pair of glittens, a combination of gloves and mittens. Stay tuned for the pictures! Of course I was so excited about getting the headband to hear that I forgot to take pictures at home, and was snapping a few while I was stopped at the traffic lights.

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