Spring Break!

So needed. Deserved. Welcomed.

We had such a great spring break week in Arizona. Our little trip was a refreshing break from the rat race that we both have been running in, with no time breath at all. We hiked in and around Grand Canyon, road tripped, played golf, enjoyed tasty southwestern cuisine, and in general had a fabulous time!

Arizona has always been one of my favorite states with tons of things to do, and friendly people. In fact I am secretly hoping we could be station in Arizona one day…. although Colorado is still higher on my wish list!

Jason and I spent also an afternoon in Desert Botanical Garden  in Phoenix. I have always been cautious about the botanical gardens: some of them are absolutely awesome, and then some others are, well, so-and-so. This one was a great surprise! Instead of a quick hour-long walkthrough we ended up strolling Garden’s paths until the sunset. As science and biology geeks we had a great time by looking at different cacti rib structures, talking about their protein compositions and so on. People around us must have been thinking we are crazy! Botanical Garden also had an awesome butterfly exhibit, which was an awesome treat for a photographer…

Overall, it was a great week – we had a blast, while at the same time returning to Alaska was slightly bittersweet. We are very close to beat the nearly 60-year-old snow record from 1953, when the total snowfall in Alaska was 132.6 inches. This year we are only about three inches short from the record. While I like some  snow, at the same time I have realized I am more warm-weather type of girl.

One thought on “Spring Break!”

  1. Hey lady! It looks like you had a good time. Your photos are beautiful. I’m glad you two got a nice break! I’m sorry I never emailed you back. I accidently deleted it and then forgot about it. We’re doing good, though. Thanks for asking :)

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