More Keynotes, videos …

No matter what I do, my life just stays busy… Keynote presentations. Spreadsheets. Video editings. In addition to reading for a bunch of finals, I have been busy as a beaver with writing my thesis and preparing presentations for  Behavioral Science Conference of North (BCSCN) at UAA  this Saturday.

I have been working on a couple of research projects this year, one concentrating on parents’ preparedness to talk about traumatic events to children, and the other one studying social rewards  associated to alcohol consumption using hamster models. While all the writing means tons of work, and sometimes I’m running out of creativity when building the presentations, I still love the research. It truly is my passion.

Almost as much as speaking in public occasions.

I am already dying from the excitement and enthusiasm although the conference is a couple of days away. I love sharing my findings with colleagues, as well as hear their feedback. Standing at the podium simply makes me feel alive.

Lastly, here is one of the videos that will be part of my presentation. In the first part of the video hamsters are intoxicated, and wobbling around. They have been injected with alcohol for one of the experiments. In the latter part of the video a hamster is in the conditioned place preference chamber, and we are measuring the preference whether hamster likes the dark or mesh side better. Enjoy the hamster backflips!