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The Best Hair Ever

I have always liked to take a good care of my hair and have preferred the high quality hair salons. In fact I used to fly to Seattle from Alaska to get my hair done at Gene Juarez … and on my travels around the world I have been privileged to visit some most awesome haute couture and celebrity hair places here in the US as well as in Paris, France. Today was different…

My hair color was already way overdue and husband’s graduation tomorrow requires nothing less than perfect hair. So a couple of weeks ago I did some online research about hair salons in Richmond, VA. I was looking for a place that knows the difference between balayage and ombré , and can do both. I found a true diamond: Katie Blue Salon in downtown Richmond. Today I had the best hair color ever, and absolutely the loveliest customer service. I truly loved every second of my hair appointment.

I wanted my hair to be something different but stylish. Drastic yet somewhat traditional: no, in my line of business I can’t be out there in purple or blue hair. Erin at Katie Blue came up with the most beautiful fall ombré style: different shades of reds as highlights. Totally stylish, beautiful and different. Or what do you think?

New hair
New hair
Fall ombre hair.
Fall ombre hair.

Professional Looks

Behavioral Science Conference at UAA was held on Saturday. It was so much fun and such a success! I didn’t trip over my high heels, forgot what I was supposed to say, and most importantly, the computer worked perfectly. Usually the Murphy’s Law finds me at times when I am doing public presentations. But not this time.

I was talking about two research projects of mine. One concentrating on social rewards in context of alcohol use by using animal models, i.e., hamsters that have been video famous also on my blog: videos can be seen here , and here .

The other research is in the field of trauma psychology where I was studying parental communication styles when talking about disturbing events to 3-9-year-old children. And this study showed that adults, either parents or non-parents, don’t think about child’s age and developmental level when discussing about traumatic events such as terrorist attack, death, or natural disaster with them. So research to be continued ….

Overall, it was a great day to talk to larger audience. I really do miss the days when I was teaching at the university, and hopefully one day I am back at the professor’s podium again.

And the high heels: here is a picture of my professional outlook for the conference…. yes, there are days when I am not wearing jeans and t-shirt or a sweater.