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Black Friday

While hardcore shoppers headed out at wee hours of the Black Friday morning, we were still happily in the LaLa land. However, we wanted to get out of the house  check a few items in the stores Рif anything was left after the professional deal catchers.

And we got lucky ….. I found a bunch of quilting fabrics and accessories at JoAnn’s, for both myself and my mom. Now I just need to find time ¬†for all this craftiness. After JoAnn’s we headed to Sears, Home Depot and Lowe’s to see toys for boys a.k.a. power tools and man cave stuff for hubby. At Sears we got him a workbench with butcher block surface. It will arrive in a couple of weeks. Next purchase for him was a miter saw. After going back and forth between Home Depot and Lowe’s, we learned that Lowe’s does give military discount even on sale items while Home Depot does not. So not hard to guess where the miter saw was purchased eventually, after checking and rechecking prices, returning one item and so on …. but what matters the most is that hubby got his new power tool. And maybe I get a little cabinet with the mirror in the hallway – at least it shouldn’t be pending due to the lack of tools.

By the time we got to Kohl’s and Target, all the King size bed linens were gone. At least the ones that I liked, so didn’t spend a single cent at the bedding department. I might need to check those online though. Just in case.

So our Black Friday was another great day by hanging out together, and having a good time.No stress, no hurrying, no fighting over sale items. This is the way how I like to experience my Black Friday’s!