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MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #38

Happy Friday! It has been a long week with a trip to Juneau, regular craziness at work, and it all topped off a bunch of research papers. But here we are – finally – answering another MilSpouse Friday Fill-In, thanks to always wonderful Wife of A Sailor !

1. How many pets do you have? And what type? (submitted by  Life and Times of a Displaced Jersey Girl ) We have two furry kids, a cat and a dog. More about them can be read here: Nina and The Gang .

2. What are your favorite projects to do while hubby is away? (submitted by  my-inspired-nest ) I have a busy life even when he is around, so I don’t really come up with new projects. At this point my studies, work and sports keep me busy, and fill the time when Jason is away.

3. What are the must-haves in your deployment care packages? (submitted by  Christine’s Little Blog ) Homemade cookies – white chocolate chip/macadamia nut cookies seem to be a hit with all of our deployed buddies.

4. If you could star in any TV show, which would it be? (submitted by  Just a Girl ) Hmm, I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV so I have no clue about latest and greatest TV shows. However, we both love traveling, and are very good at finding our ways regardless the location… So we would probably have a blast in Amazing Race, and completely rock it.

5. What was the biggest hurdle that you faced during your/your significant other’s first deployment? (submitted by  The Pavlik Perspective ) Jason and I haven’t gone through a deployment yet.


Military Life & Education

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. –B.B. King

Learning. Continuous learning. It is delighting and inspiring to see people – young and old – furthering their education regardless life situations. Especially for military families completion of the academic education can sometimes be a struggle, thanks to frequent moving, deployments, overlapping schedules… you name it. In the ideal world, academic institutions should be able to show at least some flexibility but is it always the case?

Quite a few universities claim themselves military friendly and show it in their actions and ways treating students affiliated to the Armed Forces, even beyond the tuition rates. But unfortunately there are always also exceptions – bad apples that can easily give a bad name to others.
University of Alaska Anchorage, UAA , received some negative publicity very recently when a professor was not willing to work around the final test for a military student whose mandatory training event happened to overlap with the exam. The local university paper, Northern Light as well as TV station KTUU reported the event:  Military students claim mistreatment by professors and  Duties or Class . Should a student miss the final and fail the class, or skip the military training and be subject to more severe consequences? A good question, right? Well, not really. It should be rather obvious that a person is not able to reschedule military training – it is not like a dentist or hair appointment, and together with the professor the time challenge would be resolved. Sometimes it is just about understanding and accommodating. Just like in the work life, every once in a while we have to juggle between various commitments and duties. As long as we do not  misuse these situations in order to get out of the responsibilities, there should always be space for a consensus.

It is very unfortunate that a military student in this case had to go through public humiliation by the professor and contact the higher up’s at the university until the situation got resolved. Hopefully university learns from this experience, and remembers that people do have commitments also outside the academics. After this particular event, the new Chancellor of UAA, Tom Case , stepped up and expressed his commitment to the education and Military community. Time will tell how well his message reaches faculties and schools throughout the institution.

At least I personally hope that faculty members would understand that not every student in the classroom is 18 and single. Instead, there can be quite a few very mature, dedicated, responsible students, with life experiences bigger than words can ever describe.

How have you managed to make it through the military life and education? Or other life situations while studying? How you faced resistance from the professors?

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #37

Another Friday! It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-April. Time just keeps flying by faster and faster. A couple of weeks, and I’ll be done with my university classes – so far so good, looks like A’s are coming onto my way. But better keep working hard until the end, and keep fingers crossed.

Alright, let’s take a look at this weeks questions that have been kindly collected by Wife of A Sailor .

1. With PCS moves happening every few years, do you take the time to paint and decorate your home? (submitted by  Life as Mrs. JPT ). We own our current home, so we do decorate and paint and whatnot here. However, at the next duty station we are probably living on post or renting, so I’m planning to decorate the home (I need to put tons of our framed pictures somewhere!) but probably not do any painting or anything time-consuming.

2. If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be? (submitted by  Standing By Him ) Uh-h, I don’t really watch TV series, so I will pass this one and just read others’ questions.

3. What inspired you to start your blog? (submitted by  Pink Combat Boot ) I wanted to keep my friends updated what’s going on, as well as share my thoughts with folks out there. And I am glad I started this blog – I have also made friends with quite a few cool people out there.

4. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on base? (submitted by  Adventures in Life ) Hmm, probably MP’s pulling over a grandma-aged lady who really didn’t seem to do anything wrong.

5. Which historical figure (politician, writer, artist, scientist, actor, etc…) would you like to have dinner with? (submitted by  Army of Two ) Oh boy, there are so many historical figures I’d love to meet! It definitely would be interesting to have dinner with Sigmund Freud. And I would probably enjoy the discussions with Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, or Leonardo DaVinci.


MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #34

As courtesy of Wife of A Sailor , it is time for MilSpouse Friday Fill-In again! This week truly has flown by – surely helps that it has been a short, 3-day work week, thanks to Hawaii vacation.

1. What are some  of your ideas for staying connected with family…you know, those people we moved thousands of miles away from? (submitted by  Live it. Love it (or not). Write About It ) Emails, phone calls ….. occasional postcards.

2. What’s the most romantic gift you have GIVEN? (submitted by  Painting My Canvas ) Probably scrapbooks, self made cookies, iPad with personalized engraving.

3. Would you encourage your child, if they came to you and wanted to join the military? (submitted by  Perfectly Imperfect ) Absolutely! As long as it is what they want. In general, if I had kids, I would encourage them to research different opportunities, and do what they love and enjoy.

4. What is your least favorite bill to pay and why? (submitted by  A Little of This, A Little of That ) Wouldn’t it be nice not to have any bills at all? But my least favorite bill … hmm, must be the Internet service provider since their (customer) service is absolutely terrible, and we don’t have too many options for the service providers in Alaska.

5. What is the proudest moment you’ve had as a military spouse? (submitted by  Our Okinawa Life ) I am proud of him every single day, proud of who he is and what he does.

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #32

Thanks to Wife of A Sailor , MilSpouse Friday Fill-In is here again!

1. Do you or your spouse ever wish you were in a different branch of the military? (submitted by The Turner Family ). Not really; The Army has been good for us – and at the end of the day all the branches have their pros and cons.

2. What duty station(s) are on your “No Way, Hell No, Not Going, Have Fun Unaccompanied” list and why? (submitted by  Every Branch ). Hmm, I don’t have ” never, not going” duty station list. While I may enjoy some places more than the others, it is all about the attitude and adjusting. I would not be jumping from joy if we were heading to Ft Polk in LA, Ft Stewart in GA …. I am not a big fan of certain southern areas. But even if we got the orders to one of those places, yeah, I would be ready for an adventure.

3. If you could be one age forever, what age would you choose and why? (submitted by  Three Krakens ). I think I would be pretty happy to be in 30′s. So far this has been a good age :-) And okay, I admit, I am a bit over 30 but I feel great, am in awesome shape, and simply love my life.

4. If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be? (submitted by  the C.W. ). Being a health nut, and not liking the sweet stuff, I would be just good ol’ plain Special K.

5. What is your morning beverage of choice and why? (submitted by  NH Girl Displaced ). It depends …… water, coffee or tea. Usually water, and when doing my tough gym or tri workouts, then some energy drinks. I used to drink a pot of coffee in the mornings but have been getting rid of that habit – and feel so much more energized. Without caffeine? Yep, I am serious about that!