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Another new hobby, productive one…. I am not the most craftiest girl on earth but at least I keep trying. Well, I can knit, and some of my quilting projects have turned out  pretty okay. Now I picked up card making! I have always secretly hoped to make at least some kind of cards by myself: they are so much more personal as well as my cards would be exactly  what I want.

So I gave it a try, and here we go! My first card will be on its way  to my lovely Mother-In-Law in no time! For the record, I didn’t manage to glue myself to the papers, desk or anywhere, no blood, no disasters… so far so good! Looks like personalized cards will be next project.




Presentation Preparations

… and video editing.

Those of you who have been frequent visitors at our blog probably remember my research project with hamsters. The data are now collected, and I am finishing up my paper as well as getting ready to present our findings at BSCN’12  at UAA .

Last week I started to work on the presentation materials, and came up a little video showing how much fun the hamsters have!

After some technical difficulties … I think  I got the video in a format that is viewable for both Mac and Windows users. If not, please, leave a comment and I try to find one format that works for all.